Daniel Hensel

Works with opus numbers

Op.1 Sonata for piano

Op.1 No.2 Elegy in memoriam Gerhard Schedl for piano;
pianopiece; world premiere: Hochschule f. Musik Wuerzburg, 28.2.01; solist: Barbara Anton-Kuegler; notice: Dedicated to the memento of Gerhard Schedl

Op. 2 "...I suppose you'll laugh at the dreamer..." an accomplishment for dark ensemble, ensemblemusic (2Kl(b flat/E flat),1Bkl, 2Hrn.,1Trp.(b flat)/1Trb./3Perc, Pf/Cel/2Vlc/2Kb).; (material available at the composer); notice: dedicated to Jutta and Gerhard Schedl

Op.3 No.1 Five little piano pieces
piano pieces; world premiere: Hochschule für Musik Würzburg, 19.06.01; at the composer, Solist: Andras´ Hamary

Op.3 No.2 Five orchestra pieces based on the five piano pieces
for big orchestra

Op.4 "Beauteousness and Fright"
chambermusic (1Fl./1Trp.(B)/1Bkl./ 1Kfg./Celesta and Sopran); (material available at the composer); notice: based on the monks nightprayer in Rilkes Book of Hours

Op.5 Stringquartet Nr.1

Op.6. "Requiem of young hopes" for mixed choir and stringorchestra based on lyrics by Nikolaus Lenau and Franz Schubert, strings 4\4\3\2\2, W.P.: 10.07.2006

Op.7 Duo for Viola und Tuba (two movements)

Op.8 Dream Images for Recorders and Orff Instruments to eight players
On behalf of the Carl Orff Center Munich and the AdeVantgarde Festival Munich. World Premiere: 06.09.05 Chruch of St.Martha Nuremberg.

Op.9 "Between the sounds" for chamberensemble
On behalf of the Kasseler Musiktage, project: Klangsplitter
world premiere 10.30.05 Alte Bruederkirche Kassel, germany

Op.10 "To the Immortal Beloved" for Countertenor and Piano, on behalf of Tim Severloh

Op.11 In wide spaces for big orchestra

Op.12 "In the fog", stringquartet No. II, for stringquartet and alto voice, based on dream and aberratioby Georg Trakl

Op.13 Kyrie eleison for mixed choir a cappella

Op.14 Sonata for solo Flute dedicated to Mrs. Carin Levine

Op.15 Three pieces for piano

Op.16 Reflexions for orchestra composed for the Festival:
Europe, the blue star.
2222\433\Timp\Hrp\ Strings 10\8\6\4\2

Op.17 Concerto for piano and orchestra 2222\2\2\2\1\Timp\2Perc.\Hf\Cel\ Strings 10\8\6\4\2 WP.:06.10.08 08:00 p.m., Hochschule fuer Musik Wuerzburg

Op.18 "Chant of consecrated life", for big orchestra, on behalf of the state opera Stuttgart, dedicated to Prof. Heinz Winbeck, WP.: 12.07.08, Stuttgart,
Liederhalle, state orchestra of Stuttgart, Manfred Honeck, conductor

Op.19 "The Young Maidservant" after poems by Georg Trakl, for Flute, Clarinet and Stringquartet WP.:02.07.10 Francfort and 02.09.10 Darmstadt, Germany

Op.20 Stringsextet "Klärchen´s Song", dedicated to Mr. Dr. Dieter Rexroth, W.P. 11.07.09, Alte Brüderkirche Kassel, by Ensemble Modern
availlable at Musikverlag Doblinger, Vienna

Op.21 "Echoes and chants from the interior", dedicated to Rafal Zambrzycki-Payne

Op.22 „Fleur du mal“, a dramatic aria for Tenor and big orchestra, dedicated to maestro Manfred Honeck

Op.23 „Cardillac-Suite“, Music for the silent movie „Cardillac“ by Edgar Reitz.

Op.24, No.1, Study No.1, for Computer, realization in Csound

Op.24, No.2 Study Nr.2, for Computer, realization in Csound

Op.25 Duo for Violin and Violoncello, W.P.: 04.19.2013, Wien Alte Schmiede

Op.26 „Papa, where is my finger?“, an electronical phantasmagory

Op.27 „Wolves songs“ for Cello and CD, dedicated to Piotr Skweres

Op.28 „The apparent death“, from „Des Knaben Wunderhorn“, for Fl., Cl., Pf., Sopran, Vl. and Vcl, on behalf of the ÖGZM

Op.29 „Bohemian cemetery“, for Soprano and Orchestra after a Poem by Jörg Bernig.

Op.30 „Cantiones Budingensis“ for Computer.

works without an opus number:

Three nocturnal songs for Alt and piano based on poems by Georg Trakl; world premiere: Hochschule für Musik Würzburg, 19.06.01, Alt: Christine Mittermair, Piano: Markus Bellheim

Nocturnal songs for Sopran and stringquartet based on poems by Georg Trakl; chambermusic world premiere: Hochschule für Musik Wuerzburg 15.05.2000, Sopran: Iris Marie Kotzian conductor: Peter Marino, stringquartet recruited
students of the Hochschule für Musik

Piece for 2 pianos dedicated to the 75th birthday of Bertold Hummel


Beethoven Symphony No. VIII, F-major, Op.93, arrangement for chamber ensemble, on behalf of young euro classic

Haydn, Symphony No.45, F sharp-minor, Hob. I:45, "Farewell", arrangement for chamber ensemble, on behalf of young euro classic

For Kids:

Henriette Bimmelbahn, Three Songs for Voice and Guitar after Lyrics from the children’s books „Henriette Bimmelbahn“, „Der blaue Autobus“, „Die besonders nette Straßenbahn“ by James Krüss and Lisl Stich.