Daniel Hensel

Collection of interesting links:

The beloved ensemble lux with whom I had the honor to work with.

The famous Skweres-Bros. Website, both Cello-Players and Composers!

An extraordinary, jocular and bracing composer, who is characterized by huge inventiveness and playfully skillful compositorial realization. He is my compositorial most important advisor.

Eggert is probably the most important composer of the how I say middle aged generation. Surely it makes me proud (also if it is undeserved), that his education started at the Dr. Hoch´s Conservatory in Francfort\ Main too. It is a special honor for me to install this link here.

Giesen is a markedly lyrical Komponist, whose music features the ambivalence between smooth coolness, heated enragement, Monet like colour composition and Brecht like prude. An exiting man, living between microchips and microintervals. It always touched me, when he gratulated after the world premiers in wuerzburg.

For all, who have got problems with the finale software, Tobias Giesen stands by with his plugins.

Take a look on the homepage of the young actor Johannes Schedl (son of Gerhard Schedl)!

The lexicon of german contemporary composers.

The website of my professional institution.

Doblinger rather published all works of Gerhard Schedl. This publishing company features a big commitment for the austrian contemporary music and specially for the works of Gerhard Schedl. I wanna especially thank Mr. Dr. Heindl and Mr. Dir. Pany for the score of Schedls second Violin Concerto, which I accepted as a gift by the publishing house for my examination.

The german copyright association, which protects my works.

My former Red Cross pal Eric Moerschel dedicated this website to the breadless arts!

My publications a distributed here.