Daniel Hensel

eMails and letters

On the first Song of the cycle „Die junge Magd“, op.19, by Georg Trakl, eMail by director of HEIMAT, Prof. Dr. Edgar Reitz, July 16 2012 11:59 p.m.

„Dear Mr. Hensel,
Salome and I recently listened to your Trakl-Song while a storm came up. It is a very beautiful romantic music, which reminded us of Mahler’s. The piece suited us very much, especially such intimate feelings are very rare in contemporary music.

Associated with best wishes and heartily regards from Munich,
Edgar Reitz“

Heinz Winbeck recommended the Bekh Biographies on Bruckner and Mahler. As I told Winbeck my enthusiasm after reading, he said that Mr. Bekh would certainly appreciate if I told my appreciation in a addressed letter to him and gave me his address. Mr. Bekh replied quicker as I guessed und wrote the most beautiful letters I ever have received in my hole life. These letters were written in the current-font, our old german handwriting, which has not been taught anymore since the 1930’s.

Letter, No. 1, October 15 2008:

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October 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Hensel,

thank you very much for your letter from 09.26.08. I really appreciated that you like my book on Anton Bruckner. I am looking forward what you are going to say about my Mahler-Book. I want to recommend you my four volumed Memories by this opportunity for further reading. Thank you for committing your choice of your works. Great works for which indulgence I have to thank you! „In between the sounds“ did touch me most! I thank you that I had the opportunity to become aquainted to a respectable composer of our time.

I do wish you all the best for the future and success with your works.
Wolfgang Johannes Bekh“

Letter, No.2 January 13 2009:

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Dear Mr Hensel,

by return of mail I am responding your letter from today, which reached it’s target as it only may be — under the special circumstances of the thoroughly devotion to it’s receiver — the case. Puh— This was a sentence like a tapeworm! I have gotten very exited about your lines!
Thank you very much for the picture of your little daughter.
You did me a huge honor as you sent the recording of your „Song of consegrated life.“ I am going to tell you my impression at the end of this letter. That you reference to my books on Bruckner and Mahler makes me happy in particular. Thus you do me a huge honor!
This minute I listened to you „Song of consecrated life.“ I am more than exited, namely enraptured. Allowedly there are situations that could be composed by Mahler. But the work in it’s entirety is yours! I am proud and happy to know it’s creator!
When the spring arrives the country, will you visit me again?
Wolfgang Johannes Bekh“

Letter No.3, December 21 2009:

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Dear Mr. Hensel!

I really was thrilled by your letter and your last mailing. I also was thrilled by your arrangements. I will listen them on Christmas Eve. The Pleasant Anticipation is big. I am not able to write elaborately letters anymore I am going to become 85 after all.I wish you a Merry Christmas and remain
Wolfgang Johannes Bekh“

Unfortunately I did not know how ill he was. The next letter should become the last one. I found out about his death on december 22 2010 in august 2012!

Letter, No. 4 vom 10. März 2010:

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Dear Mr. Hensel!

You did please me so much by mailing your letter and it’s attachment’s. The stringsixtet op.20 and the arrangements of Beethoven and Haydn made me perplex. Thank you very much! I wish you all the best and still Good luck! When it comes to my legislating: it falters a fairly long time. Anyhow I am going to become 85 years old in a few days.

All the best wishes and a lot of creative power
by your
Wolfgang Johannes Bekh“

As far as i’m concerned he wrote the most beautiful composer’s biographies that I know and I use them passionately in my seminars!